Real-time video infrastructure by the experts.

AVStack offers powerful, customisable infrastructure for videoconferencing, live-streaming, recording, transcription, dial-in/dial-out and more.

Globally-distributed and highly scalable, AVStack allows you to focus on your product rather than the complexity of maintaining videoconferencing servers.

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Managed Jitsi Meet

We provide a scalable, correctly configured Jitsi Meet backend with support for all Jitsi Meet features, including authentication, recording, live-streaming, transcription, captioning and telephony integration.

Using AVStack's Managed Jitsi Meet service for your project lets you focus on delivering a great quality product instead of configuring and scaling servers.

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Custom real-time video solutions

The AVStack team has deep experience with real-time Internet audio and video. If you're building a product with A/V communication or collaboration features, we can help make it a success.

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