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  • No servers to set up. Click to deploy a Jitsi Meet backend and configure it with our powerful console.
  • Fully-featured Jitsi Meet backend, with authentication, recording, live streaming, transcription, captioning, telephony integration and TURN working out of the box.
  • A powerful API and webhooks for comprehensive backend integration.
  • Reliable and fault-tolerant: every Jitsi Meet backend deployed on AVStack is highly available.
  • Scalable deployment. We automatically scale your backend according to load, to thousands of users and far beyond.
  • Globally-distributed videobridge servers, providing high quality and low latency no matter where your users are.
  • No restrictions on customisation — build your product or service with the same flexibility that self-hosting offers.

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Easy integration

  • We've extended Jitsi Meet with powerful integration points that make connecting to your own software a breeze.
  • Our API provides access to conferences, participants, recordings, live streams, transcriptions and even your backend configuration.
  • Our webhooks let you perform actions in response to events like conferences starting & finishing, participants joining & leaving, recordings completing and more.
  • Using JWT, you can integrate your existing application's authentication with your Jitsi Meet conference rooms to control access or grant roles.

Private & secure

  • All signalling & media traffic is encrypted in transit with modern TLS at all times. Jitsi Meet's end-to-end encryption feature is fully supported.
  • You can choose the region your backend is deployed in, to make sure recordings and metadata stay in your preferred jurisdiction.
  • Our call signalling is carefully designed to transfer zero PII. Businesses operating in regions with data protection laws can leverage AVStack and stay in full compliance with GDPR and similar regulations.
  • Strong authentication is available including JWT, and our REST API can be used for auditing of conference access.