Managed Jitsi Meet Pricing

At AVStack, we charge no per-minute fees for videoconferencing. You just pay for your peak capacity (number of concurrent users).


Concurrent Users



Concurrent Users

Unlimited Conferences


Extra users: $2.00/month

Up to 2 stacks


Concurrent Users

Unlimited Conferences


Extra users: $1.50/month

Up to 5 stacks


Concurrent Users

Unlimited Conferences


Extra users: $1.20/month

Up to 10 stacks

More users?

Whether you have a thousand users or a million, we can help.

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Concurrent users are combined across all your conferences on all of your stacks. For example, if you have 1000 monthly active users, but at your peak time only 100 of them are active on conferences at the same time, you only need the 100 Concurrent Users plan. HLS/RTMP live-stream viewers do not count towards your concurrent users.

A stack is a self-contained videoconferencing backend with its own domain name and configuration. You could use multiple stacks for seperate staging and production environments, or to separate different clients onto different backends.

All pricing is in USD.

* The free plan does not support multiple stacks, custom domains, recording, live-streaming, transcription or telephony integration. You can upgrade to a paid plan to gain these features at any time.


$0.01/minute per recorded conference. No limit on concurrent recordings.

Recordings can be securely stored by AVStack in your stack's data storage location for $0.03/GiB/month, or uploaded directly to your own S3 bucket.

HLS/RTMP(S) live-streaming

$0.08/minute stream ingress per live-streamed conference.

HLS delivery: $0.002/minute per HLS live-stream viewer.
Live-stream viewers do not count towards your account's concurrent users.

RTMP(S) to external services, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or any service supporting RTMP(S):
$0.03/minute per service (up to six services at once). No charge for viewers reached via external services.

Transcription & live captions

Simultaneous transcription and live captioning in any conference at a flat rate of $0.05/minute.

Global Routing

With standard routing, each conference selects a home region and all participants are routed via this home region. This is the default Jitsi Meet strategy, and is the same strategy used by

Our Global Routing feature instead connects each participant to their nearest bridge and uses our high-quality backend connectivity to route audio and video internationally between bridges. This can result in higher quality conferences, especially when participants are connecting from countries with limited international connectivity.

When enabled for an account, Global Routing is billed as a surcharge of $0.30/seat/month.